Sunday, January 1, 2012


2012. If you look on my blog post, it will now separate my blog entries from 2011 and the ones from 2012, the ones that I will write here.

I wrote many of my thoughts here yesterday though I definitely think they are worth revisiting. I have quite a few blog posts that are still in the waiting, of course, but I wanted to start off the year on a happy note. View it as superstition if you would like (it's the closest I'll ever come to any sort of silly tradition) but here it is.

I will start out this new year with good thoughts and hopefully some peace of mind. Maybe if I can start out the new year right, then I can make sure that the rest of the year will end up alright too. That's my official plan.

I marked 2012 with a piece of chocolate. Lindt chocolate, one of those milk chocolate balls that melts into your mouth. I figured I should start out a new year with one of the best substances that I could find around the house.

Before that, we had been sitting around the house watching that Dick Clark show on Fox. All of these trashy mainstream singers performed songs but I wasn't really listening to them. I was ending the year with some interesting conversation from my uncle who had stayed over for dinner and ended up staying until midnight.

Of course, marking the end of 2011/beginning of 2012 didn't end there. My mom wanted to mark it off with a visit to church so she ended up dragging me there (it's alright. I zoned out of the service and I even got Wendy's afterwards so it worked out for me). Of course, I still have to mark the beginning of the year with the marking of my resolutions(including a special workout. Yay!). I also have to write my first diary entry in my bright red January journal just to finish off the day and all of the thoughts I have now.

2012. I can't say that I expect a miracle out of this year and that I'm expecting so much to happen to me. My anxiety will still be here as well as the same problems I had in 2011. I'm sure that I will be given a heap of projects to complete too but that's to complain about in another blog post here.

I'll have to go to school tomorrow. Things will be the same as usual, I imagine, and in no time I will be on that same routine. Like I said in my previous post, some things remain constant.

Happy New Year, everyone.

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