Thursday, January 5, 2012


Run, run, run. That's all I seem to be doing lately, all that I've been doing all year and quite frankly I'm getting quite tired from it. It's a mental and physical fatigue that seems to fill me every minute of the day (even in sleep). I've been adjusting to it but I am still kind of sick of it and yearn for a bit of freedom. I can't believe how I took it for granted in the days that I was less active in things.

I seem to yearn some sweet thing that I have always taken for granted.  That sweet little thing is time.

I write this because I will have to scramble to yet another thing tonight and I yearn to break free from homework and stress.

Some may say that you only need food, water and shelter to survive but I disagree. You need time too and when you don't have enough of it, you have deficiencies in other things (sleep and sanity being the main ones). Time is the drug that all of us crave and all of us need to be able to survive.

Sometimes, inactivity creates boredom and yet other times it seems to create peace. I believe that for me it would do the latter. It did when I was on holiday break. I'm barely a week into it and I already crave it.

Time is a thief yet it is also the only thing that enables us to do anything. Human beings have a warped relationship with it. It ticks slowly in the background and you have to race to do all the little things and before you know it... Years have passed and you're suddenly so much older but with a bunch of other little things to do. When I looked at my diary yesterday, I realized that all the more. Looking back on that kind of thing and just thinking about it is mind-boggling. Eventually seconds become minutes which become hours which become days which become months which become years which become decades. It sounds like a simple progression but it happens so quickly.

This leads me to believe that time is as precious as gold. Obviously, if it's so rare, then we as human beings absolutely have to make the most of it. We have to live it up in the best way we can and just grab it before it's too late. One of the greatest tragedies, I've come to think, is a waste of time.

Time. As I sit here now, I crave it. However, I am stuck with the knowledge that it will eventually consume itself and vanish into thin air.

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