Sunday, January 8, 2012

Children and Childish Behavior

Society views them as cute, innocent, capable of no harm. There are, of course, those who view them in a different light- as evil, creepy little beings- but that view is considered cynical and those who have it are considered to have something wrong with them. Yes, children. The little things we are supposed to love.

I have never felt a fondness for children but after iceskating today, I feel a strange urge to go down to my cul-de-sac and start shoving a bunch of little kids to the ground. That was, after all, what those little kids at the iceskating rink were doing to the others there even though it wasn't exactly intentional.

The thing is there were so many of them. Not even kidding. It was almost as if they kept multiplying. There had to have been twice as many people there as usual and they made up most of those little kids. I heard that it was because of a birthday party or something. I swear these little kids are lacking both eyes and common sense because they kept running around and into people like blind people without a seeing eye dog. Someone of an older age, obviously would know to make them use a walker if they can't skate and especially their parents (who were conspicuously  absent).

I'm aware about how screwed-up and bitter that sounds. However, let me redeem myself. Most of the time, I do not feel this way and I do not even feel hatred for small children. It's just that I simply am unable to understand them, something that goes back to kindergarten when I exhibited many Asperger-like qualities (not kidding- speech delays, lack of empathy, obsession, inability to understand/work with my peers. Odd). My inability to understand how their minds work often translates to frustration.

If there are a lot of people, wouldn't it make sense to recognize that and try to look out for them? If you are iceskating for the first time, wouldn't it make sense to use a walker? Oh and for the parents of these children- if your small child is iceskating for the first time, wouldn't it make sense for someone to accompany them? Maybe I'm missing out on something here, like the average child's ability to make decisions and to think logically. That is where the frustration against children begins to look something like hatred and a little bit of insanity to some.

I don't know... In general, I think I have a hard time relating to small children because their interests are bizarre and they think and speak in such simplistic terms. Of course, they're children and cannot be expected to think differently. I know I was once that way, too. It's just strange to me, though. I can't imagine myself having a kid and having to talk to one all of the time.

One thing that frustrates me even more than children is childish behavior that comes from people who are not children. Especially when I am provoked to act in such childish behaviors. I mention this because that was also relevant to today and because, well, it's relevant all of the time in high school.

It's amazing how so many in my school, boys especially, seem to revert back to infancy in their behaviors. At least infants aren't as cruel however. The worst thing is is when they try to make comments and egg YOU on.

And then, of course, there was an incident today when I was fighting with my dad about ice cream. Yep, ice cream. He apologized later but he was being very immature about it. Basically, we went to this store and my sister and I bought ice cream. My mom did too but she didn't want to eat it all and was giving it away. So I ate a few bites and then my dad wanted it. I gave it to him but tried to swipe a few bites. He started to freak out and was all like, "If you want the ice cream so badly, have it." Then he was all like "it would have been nice to have ice cream" like every five seconds but denying my offer of having it.

Yeah, I know, immature. I admit to being immature too, fighting in the car about it. Fights about stupid things do not only raise your blood pressure but are an intense waste of time.

And, of course, that was my day.

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