Friday, January 20, 2012


Midterms. On this supposed half day (I was "sick" today due to a lack of important things to do, ha ha), I now have time to kick back and just to write to my heart's content. As usual, things turned out well and now I have a few less things to worry about.

I swear, the idea of midterms is a ridiculous concept. It would be one thing if it was just like any other test but of course, it's not. It counts for (wait for the sound of the scary drums), one quarter of my grade. Now that's certainly enough to keep someone up at night! I mean, isn't all of this useless crap just meant to be forgotten? It's not like I'll ever see it again (except for the finals, of course).

I mean, there are so many questions. These questions don't take certain things into account either like having a bad day or anything like that. Or, in the case of Math, there aren't as many questions but they count for a bunch of points.

Isn't there another way they can test us? I almost feel that that's what school is all about, just tests. I know they're preparing us for college and everything but I still don't get why college has to be like that, either.

At the very least, I suppose it's nice that not every subject gave a midterm and it was also nice that they split it up into a few days. Splitting it up into a few days gave me some time to prep for each of them.

First, it was Spanish. I should know my grade but I think my teacher forgot to mention it. Either way, I have a B so I suppose that it's good enough for me. The Spanish midterm was actually pretty easy and I suppose that has to do with the fact that they technically weren't allowed to post fake words (usually when I get something wrong because I conjugate it wrong). I have to say though, they made up for the easiness by having so many questions that I started to get tired at the end. Of course, Spanish has to come in the last period too (I think they should give us extra points for that.

Then, it was Math. Math, the evil subject that has been haunting me since I first switched my subject. I prepped like crazy over it and my tutor was my lifesaver (I have no idea what I would do without it). I mean, I did so many problems again and again and again. There ended up being thirty-one problems on there. I was so paranoid about watching for signs (you know, whether a number is negative or positive. They love to mess you up with signs). The midterm for Math was a total of 160 points to make it a quarter of our grade- something completely nuts, I know. I finally got a decent grade on my midterms- a B (85%)! My mom was so thrilled with that that she took me out and got me a large milkshake, which made me feel even more self-conscious about Math (but was, I admit, very delicious).

My final one was Science. It's kind of strange how good I am at Science and how terrible I am at Math. Science has always been super-easy and I get done things more quickly than everyone else does. There were almost eighty questions (yes, my eyes were tired) and I was kind of worried about finishing it but I finished about fifteen minutes before class ended and read a book. I usually get an A on most of my tests but I got a B plus on my midterm (I suppose that's pretty good considering I didn't really study and we studied it a while ago). I ended the marking period with an A minus.

I'm super glad that midterms are over. Fortunately, I won't have to worry about any of this until the end of the year when finals come.

Midterms. Someone should write a petition against them or something.

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