Sunday, March 4, 2012


Shopping. It's the ultimate hell, being dragged from store to store to store. Your feet hurt and you're tired  but no one seems to care. You are just left on your own, your day spent on the whims of some lovely woman.

The lovely women in this case are my mother and sister. Occasionally, this includes one of our family friends or my aunt but not always. All I can say is that the more people come, the worse it ends up being and the longer I must endure it.

Yes, I am a girl who hates shopping. Hates it with a passion. I am that rare anomaly. Growing up did nothing to change my hatred for this accursed pastime.

I should say that I hate clothes and shoe shopping, which encompass most of the things people shop for. The only things that I like shopping for and feel free to spend my money on without guilt are the following: books, music, jewelry. I buy notebooks and pens for my diaries and poetry books but I don't like spending too much money on that. Anyway, I don't really consider them in the true shopping category anyway.

No, it's clothes and shoe shopping that are in that time slot. It's just so boring trying things on, taking them off. Trying things on, taking them off. It's so tedious that it makes me want to cry. Ugh! It's a pain too, particularly because I happen to be lazy and I don't feel like taking things off. I have a million other better things to do- there are interesting YouTube videos to watch, people to talk to, books to write and books to read. Really, in the scheme of things shopping isn't important at all. When we go with other people, I bring my book and read. The only problem with that is that it goes on for hours and hours and hours.

Book reading gets old, unless the book is A) Really, really good or B) Easy enough for me to read without getting tired. I enjoy it for an hour but not for half of a day. I also like being in a reading-friendly environment and malls and shopping centers really don't cut it for me.

I dread the hour it takes in my local mall. Today, though, my mom felt the need to drive an hour away from my house for shoe shopping. Shoe shopping, of course, for comfortable yet cute walking shoes for when we go to Utah (is that even possible?). I got comfortable walking shoes for New Orleans but my sister called them ugly and they earned me the nickname "Mandals", coined by some idiotic boy who is the size of a fifth grader.

Anyway, it wasn't any better this time. We went from store to store to store, trying to find a place with walking shoes that weren't ugly. We tried Timberland, which had plenty of walking shoes but none that were good-looking (we found out later that they were all men's shoes). Then we went to Steve Madden and Nine West. Nice, expensive shoes there but they all looked like they would HURT. And then, of course, we had to go to Juicy since, according to my sister, "You can't go past a Juicy and NOT BUY ANYTHING." Oh, how terrible that would be! That was another fifteen minutes of my day wasted.

Anyway, at the point, I was so sick of the sight of shoes that I wanted to scream. Scream and find a warm place too at the same time (it was an outside mall, of course, and it happened to be freezing outside).

Long story short, at that point I wanted to shoot myself and put myself out of my misery.

At that point, my stomach was growling like a Chihuahua, begging me for food. Since my dad offered to pay, we went to Ruby Tuesday's (we were going to go to Subway's but there was nowhere to sit. I'm sure my dad would have liked that better).

Eating was all well and good and delicious but we still had to buy shoes. Of course.

There was still one store left. Well, actually there were two more stores around it so I feared the worst. My mom said if we didn't find anything we would have to try our local shoe store (why didn't we do that the first time, reader? Well, I have no idea).

Anyway, so we went in. I figured Skechers was promising, since it did have some nice-looking sneakers. I hoped they had sandals too.

It turned out that I got two pairs of shoes there.

Of course, we realized that we should have went there before but we didn't. If we did, we probably could have saved a few hours.

After that, the hell ended. We got to go drive an hour back home.

At least my sister and I got frozen yogurt out of it. It still sucked though.

Next time, I'll pick iceskating.


  1. Well, I can't exactly relate ... but your account of the expedition made me laugh! Are you really sure the frozen yogurt didn't redeem the whole thing? ;)

    1. Ha ha, I'm glad. And no, not many girls can. Oh well. The frozen yogurt certainly did wonders, yes. :)