Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Weather

Spring has come again. It has sprung up suddenly like a beautiful rose in the middle of the sidewalk. On top of the fact that the state testing the juniors have to go through cut my own school day in half, I was greeted with sun and a beautiful spring breeze. Mother Nature has definitely proven her bipolar tendencies, considering that I was shivering in a heavy coat just last week (global climate change, anyone?).
Unfortunately, I had to go to school eventually and I now occupy it presently (yay for slacking off in the presence of a sub!). However, at least the day was delayed and I got to sleep in. The school's heating and air conditioning have not caught up and I happen to be smoldering in this room right now. That's another unfortunate thing.

Never mind that, though. I'll be focusing on the positives of this beautiful weather and maybe if I imagine that I'm out there long enough, I almost will be there in actuality.

For the last two days, the weather has been great. It hasn't rained and it hasn't been scorching hot, either. No, it's just been picnic weather, blue skies and spring breeze included. Spring has come and it hasn't even come slowly. This has just come with a bang and has knocked winter out of the park and into the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

The air is crisp, the kind of crisp that you can taste. When I'm outside, I can't help but want to breathe and breathe and breathe just to taste it. I want to lay in the grass even though it's itchy and bug-infested and just roll around in it. It fills my veins with a vivacity I haven't had since last spring and I just want to skip home and frollic when I come home from school. The weather almost inspires me to get my lazy ass outside and actually exercise.

Not even the fact that my English teacher has given me a backpack full of homework bothers me. Whenever I'm outside, I can even let that slide.

I could literally hear the birds and the crickets chirp mingle with the sound of cars rushing past me and they just feel like they're a part of a harmony as I walked to the bus stop. A beautiful harmony that I'm in, something strangely natural. It's almost like The Sound of Music and I feel like someone should be breaking out in song any minute and skipping around with a big herd of little munchkins any minute ("Do, a deer, a female deer...").

Since the ice skating rink is closed this weekend, I'm almost tempted to ask my family to go to the park. For some reason, that feels right. The idea of a picnic or trying to learn to roller-skate surrounded by the trees and the breeze feels incredibly right to me somehow.

I'm sure this post sounds like I'm some sort of nature lover or something. I'm not. Just ask my family on the occasions we've went canoeing or done anything remotely nature-like. So I genuinely have no idea why I'm so in love. I just kind of am. Maybe it's the fact that I'm safely near civilization and can appreciate this natural/artificial hybrid of a world I live in.

Now, if you excuse me, I should probably be getting back to work. If I get to work and that goes by quickly enough, maybe I can enjoy the outside.
Me right now in this room. Damn the school heating system!

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