Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Irene

So right after we get an earthquake, it turns out we're due for a hurricane. One natural distaster after the other.

At least down at the East Coast, we're better prepared for that kind of thing. We get hurricanes every year so it's nothing new to us (by the time it comes down to my house, it's usually just a tropical storm though). That's not freaky to us. Sad and scary, maybe, but not an earthquake.

Anyway, Hurricane Irene looks more serious than I thought. The county where my family's shorehouse is is being evacuated and up here it's expected that the power will go out. My first day of school might be called off because of power outages (yay, one more day of summer! I'm used to snow days and even a heat day every once in a while but never a we're-afraid-of-a-hurricane-knocking-out-our-power day). As I said, I'm used to being in tropical storms not a legit hurricane. So as long as our house stays intact and no one gets hurt, I'll be pretty excited about being in my first hurricane.

It's kind of weird that it's happening so close to each other. I'm surprised that some Harold Camping wacko hasn't used this to say that it's a sign that the world will end or something. At least then they'd have more of a case.

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