Monday, August 29, 2011

My REAL Last Day of Freedom

Okay so as I wrote in the update, school was delayed. It seemed like a blessing at the time but now I'm not so sure. Now this is one more day to freak out .While I always enjoy lounging around, it also means I have time to think about things... Things I'm not so sure I want to think about.

I'm pretty sure I vented most of my angst and anxiety about school yesterday so I guess there's really no need to repeat myself. It's just... ah. It's enough to make me scream, everything. Yesterday was great, though. I had managed to calm myself down to an almost tranquil state (it was weird. I felt calmer than I have for a long time). I did manage to savor every bit of it and not think about today (or what was supposed to be today, anyway).

I'm just thinking about it some more. I'm trying to do the same as I did yesterday, enjoying the crap out of this. I'm supposed to be longing for school right now though, not dreading it (the downside of learning to entertain myself. My sister hasn't learned it and things seem to be working out much better for her now). Oh well. It'll be nice blogging about something other than the coming of school and natural disasters now, won't it? So maybe I should embrace the coming of school, if anything for how it will enrich my writing (and that of this blog).

I guess I'll write again tomorrow to let everyone know I survived (they should have a T-shirt for that, really) and didn't get mauled by incoming seniors (from what I can tell, they won't harm unless attacked first. Actually they aren't coming in until the day after us so I guess I'll have to post a blog post that day after too. Of course there always are the guys big enough and maybe old enough to be seniors...).

Maybe it'll be fun? *grins the hopeful, desperate grin of the victim trying to hold off the killer BEFORE she's killed*

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