Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer and School

It's that time of year again. It's the time of the year with the frantic school supply shopping and the wondering and the worrying over how next year will be (and what your schedule will be compared to those of your friends, the location of your locker, how much homework you'll have, etc.).

It's that time of year where I realize what OTHER time of year is approaching. Of course, at this point the date been slowly but surely creeping up on me. The whole summer I've just been telling myself not to worry because it's not going to happen for a long time. However "a long time" has went from nine weeks to eight and then six and then... And well, now it's less than two. It's at this point that I'm officially freaking out.

Usually at this point I want to go back to school because I'm bored out of my mind. Yet going back to school means less writing time, more anxiety (and homework) and entering the scary world of the unknown that is high school. So I have to say that if I had the chance to go back in time to the beginning of summer I would totally take it.

Unfortunately, I can't hide from it forever. Eventually it will come.

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