Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My First Earthquake!

I was in my family's computer room. It was a day just like any other day. First the ceiling shook and everything else started shaking too... I ran under the desk, screaming for my loved ones and praying for some bigger force than myself for it to end. At this point, it felt as if I was a bobble head and the ground the head moving me. It was August 23rd and I thought it would be the last day of my life...

Okay, so it wasn't that dramatic. My story, in comparison to some of our family friends in Virginia, was seriously not that big of a deal. The ceiling did shake but I thought it was my sister running or jumping (in hind sight, I realize that there was no noise). Then she came downstairs and told me that there was an earthquake. My grandma turned on the news and... There it was. The East Coast had experienced an earthquake, a situation that seems like something out of some crazy sci-fi movie (you know, when the world is about to end or something). So, I do admit that my first reaction was: I was in an earthquake. Cool!

But then as we heard more, my situation turned to worry. My sister thought of our family friends and I thought of a friend I made at sleepaway camp whose home was closer to the epicenter. Fortunately, no one close to us was hurt so I'm back to my first reaction now.

My mom called us immediately (I tried to call my friends about it but my cell phone towers were down or whatever because I wasn't able to reach anyone). Apparently, she thought a car ran through the building and her work had to evacuate. She was more traumatized than I was.

Now about all the commotion... I can totally see some random Calfornian family talking about this.

Calfornian mother: The East Coast had an earthquake. It was 5.9!

Calfornian son/kid brother: Yeah, they're all freaking out about it.

Calfornian father (who strangely looks like George Lopez, although I would imagine this would be more along the lines of the character Benny): Sissies! That ain't nothin'. They should see some of the quakes down here.

Yeah, I imagine some of the weirdest stuff. Anyway, I still say this is a story worth telling my kids and my nieces and nephews (I like the first version though, don't you? :D). I'm kind of worried a twister will be next, which is much more reason to be concerned). I mean if a freaking earthquake down here can happen, I'm sure anything else can.

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  1. Hey Tori! It's Maddie, and I'm systematically (not quite, haha) going through your blog posts and reading...and I really liked this one. Plus, it mentioned me, so now I'm famous! (: But seriously, I'm touched. Thanks for contacting me in the first place, even though I was on vacation and missed all of the action!