Sunday, September 29, 2013

College Pressure

The game is on. I'm a junior. I have two years of school left but already, I have to look at college. I face what millions of high school students face in the US: the college application process. And I'm feeling the heat. Talk to any high school student and chances are they are too.

My sister just went to visit a college yesterday. Being as it mainly focused on math and science, I didn't. But still, I'm getting it and even more so since I'm older. SAT prep is just around the corner and I live with the day-to-day pressure to get good grades. Not to mention the PSAT I have to take.

Did I mention every school decision is based off of it? Will college like course A or course B better? What clubs should I join? Am I volunteering enough?

There's so many hoops we have to climb and so many people to compete with. And there's always the idea that if I don't enter a decent enough college, my future won't be any good. It's like we're mating peacocks and we have to preen our feathers. The whole thing seems ridiculous but I have to do it anyway.

After all, what choice do I have? None, really. There are virtually no blue-collar jobs with living wages anymore. They can hold us hostage and do whatever they want to us and we can't do anything about it.
The whole thing is so daunting and actually pretty frightening. I don't even know what I want to do when I grow up. How am I supposed to make these kinds of decisions? I have no clue.

I can't even imagine what it's like when I finally get there. Classes, debt, all of it.

I know others have it worse with their financial situations but still. It will be resolved eventually but ughhh, the stress. 

I should probably just toughen up and do it already but I still need to vent. I don't imagine college was always that hard. And it will only get harder.

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