Monday, September 2, 2013

Life Without Internet

Life without the Internet is a sad and pathetic existence. I should know because I spent the whole weekend without it.  Luckily, I had some videos to watch via a computer (a computer without working Internet) and my phone to give me very limited access. Still, it wasn't the same.

The Internet offers so many unique things: YouTube videos to watch, Rookie articles to read, secrets on PostSecret to peruse, information to research, etc. There's also so much more. No wonder it's addicting! So to only have such a limited access to that makes me feel like a hole is there. This only really happened once at camp but I was so busy and having so much fun I didn't notice it. But there are quiet,dull moments at the shore and i usually fill those with the Internet. To refrain from that feels like agony. I can't even imagine what to be completely stripped of the Internet feels like.

The Internet is an easy escape from boredom. An obvious answer requiring little creativity easier. It's become a routine for me to go on the Internet when I was bored. But without it, what could I do?
I had to come up with answers. I watched the videos and read books and wrote and even went out with my parents occasionally. But despite that, I felt the urge to search the Web.

I tried and tried to get it on my phone. Alas, the reception at the shorehouse is poor at best so it took forever for things to load up. Sometimes, it didn't even work at all and the phone told me that I suddenly had Internet (sporadically and in a variety of different places, of course, so I never knew what to expect).
So I pretty much had no real Internet. When I got home, it was such a relief to be able to peruse freely and not have to wait for it to load. To be able to watch however many YouTube videos I watched.

Life without Internet sure is hard. How did so many people last without it for so long?


  1. I went on a vacation this summer to Kenya and large parts of the trip were without WiFi/internet. I have to admit that it was a lot harder than I thought it would be! The internet is definitely addictive...

  2. 1. You're obviously addicted. OK we are obviously addicted. When I woke this morning I discovered my girlfriend added a password and couldn't log on until she added it to my laptop.

    2. Your friend, Jade, suggested I read your blog (via a spam email). Glad he did - very entertaining.

    1. Yeah, I so am.

      She's still doing that for me? Awww. And glad you like my blog!